What our parents say

“My daughter Maddie started kinder kids after being in a private day care nursery. Her confidence, language and general happiness was a joy to see ! Kinder kids staff are really committed at getting the best out of your child. For my daughter it really was the perfect stepping stone to reception class in her first year at school.”


“A nervous Mum and an overactive toddler arrived at Kinder Kids Pre-School in September 11. A proud Mum and a confident little boy leave a year later, ready and prepared to move to ‘big school’. This is all down to the excellent care and teaching of Cath and Carol, of the young people in their charge. They have allowed Jack to flourish and show his skills and interests whilst ensuring he is well prepared for the structure of school.”


“Our daughter hadn’t been looked after by anyone apart from us so starting Kinder Kids was a challenge. However over the months, with patience and care, Cath and Carol have supported our daughter to achieve so much….I would recommend Kinder Kids to other parents without hesitation.”


“A lovely place to bring your child to know they are safe, happy and learning.”


“My youngest child has just started at Kinder Kids two days a week and is excited every morning he gets to go. My eldest keeps asking when she can go back!  Happy kids, happy mum.”


“My third child is currently at Kinder Kids. He has had some additional needs with a hearing aid.  Cath and Carol have provided valuable support including liaising with a speech therapist to come up with a plan to best help him.”


“My son absolutely loves Kinder Kids, he rushes to get there in the morning. It’s a wonderful, nurturing environment that helps prepare our little ones for school.”


“As a parent and a teacher I have been very happy sending my children to Kinder Kids.We are very lucky having a pre school locally that has achieved the best Ofsted rating three inspections running! Having seen the Kinder Kids staff in action it came as no surprise to find out that Cath is held in very high esteem at a county wide level and has been involved with advising and offering training to other providers.”


“My daughter loved attending Kinder Kids and was very sad to leave when she was old enough for school. However the excellent preparation for transition into primary school that Kinder Kids provides made the move easy and smooth. She was ready and well equipped socially for the reception class.”