Our Daily Routine

Variety, challenge and of course, plenty of time to play!

We offer a wide variety of well-planned activities each day. These are interspersed with plenty of outdoor play in the Village Hall gardens, walks around our beautiful village and organised trips in our community.

9.00 – 9.15 Children arrive; self register and settle to activities

9.15 am Welcome-register

Outdoors, Village Hall Garden, Walk etc

10.00 am Wash Hands/Singing /Music/circle time etc

Snack Time

Focused Activities/Free Choices


By offering a wide range of activities (both indoor and outside) incorporating tactile experiences, imaginative and creative play, construction and small world, tabletop and floor activities both adult led and interests led by the children, we aim to deliver a holistic approach in a learning environment that is fun and appropriate to your child’s age and stage of development (For further information please see our planning sheet and continuous provision areas)

Please note; these times are for guidance only. Routines are flexible to allow for spontaneity and opportunity. However, they also offer a framework for us all to work within and give the children in our care and education a basic structure for the morning.

We monitor our activities and focus on;

1.What knowledge the children will gain.

2. Skills children may acquire

3. Attitudes they may learn