Roles and responsibilities

This document contains relevant information of all roles, including confidentiality, and trustees code of conduct. Please sign and return to ensure that you fully understand and agree to adhere to your role.

Trustee Management Committee Roles

The Trustee Management Committee is made up of 4 roles: –

  • Trustee Management Role – Chair
  • Trustee Management Role – Vice-Chair
  • Trustee Management Role – Treasurer
  • Trustee Management Role – Secretary

All executive committee members are trustees of the pre-school charity. One member of the exec committee should have a monthly update meeting with Cath (at a mutually agreeable time).

The trustees collectively have overall responsibility for putting appropriate systems and controls in place to ensure the tasks are carried out correctly and that all legal requirements are met.

The Management Committee meet as and when required, in addition to the regular committee meetings.

The main responsibilities of each position are shown below.

Trustee Management Role – Chair of the Management Committee

The role of the Chair is to lead the Management Committee, work with the manager of the setting and to develop and maintain the effective working relationships between the committee and its staff and volunteers.

The duties of the Chair

  • To facilitate and chair meetings of the charity; including committee meetings, open meetings and general meetings, such as the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  • To co-ordinate the work of the committee to ensure effective administration of the charity.
  • To act as the ‘Nominated Person’ for Ofsted purposes.
  • To provide leadership to the Committee
  • To establish the cycle of meetings
  • To set and manage the agenda of all meetings, circulate to members, along with supporting papers, in good time
  • Ensure a quorum at meetings as set out in the constitution Document (Need 2 management people attending)
  • Effectively chair meetings and ensure that all members are allowed to make an active contribution to the running of the setting
  • Ensure any voting procedures are complied with
  • Clarify key decisions
  • Agree and sign policies, ensure implementation, of policies
  • Liaise with the setting’s senior manager to work together to achieve the aims of the organisation and provide support as appropriate
  • Sign, and/or write letters on behalf of the Committee and the organisation
  • Sign cheques and liaise with the Treasurer
  • Conduct annual appraisal of the manager’s performance and support training and development needs
  • Attend selection panels and disciplinary panels as appropriate, for both Committee Members, paid staff and volunteers
  • To act as an ambassador of the organisation by attendance at functions, meetings, liaising with the press and acting as a spokesperson as appropriate
  • Take an active role in fundraising campaigns
  • Give praise to, and recognise the achievements of, committee members, staff and volunteers

Trustee Management Role – Vice Chair of the Management Committee

The Vice Chair will support with the above and will deputise for the Chair as necessary

Trustee Management Role – Treasurer of the Management Committee

The role of the Treasurer is to maintain an overview of the financial affairs of the organisation, ensuring that proper financial records and procedures are maintained.

The duties of the Treasurer

  • To present accounts, financial statements and budgets to the Committee at its meetings, and at other times as requested
  • To ensure the financial viability of the organisation and monitor financial resources to ensure they are adequate to meet the organisation’s present and future needs
  • Ensure that financial procedures and controls are in place
  • Check bank statements monthly
  • Ensure that bills and wages are paid promptly and all income is banked regularly
  • Offer advice on the financial implications of the organisation’s strategic aims
  • Ensure that the organisation has an approved investment policy and that there is no conflict between this and the objects of the organisation
  • Liaise with the manager of the organisation on financial matters
  • Ensure that accounts are prepared, disclosed and submitted to the relevant bodies in line with the constitution and statutory requirements
  • Check the inventory of equipment, e.g. computers, resources and so
  • Ensure that the organisation has adequate insurance
  • Produce a written annual report as required
  • Complete DCC Business Health Check financial section
  • To open and maintain the group’s bank account, updating the list of signatories as necessary.
  • To prepare in advance an annual budget, as agreed by the trustees; to advise the Manager of the financial implications of the budget and to monitor it regularly against financial progress.

Trustee Management Role – Secretary of the Management Committee

The role of the Secretary is to support the Chair by ensuring the effective administration of the Committee.

The duties of the Secretary

  • Together with the Chair, produce the agenda and circulate to members, along with supporting papers, in good time
  • Ensure all the arrangements are made for the meetings including booking venues, arranging equipment and refreshments and making arrangements for those with special needs
  • Take, write and circulate minutes following meetings and circulate promptly to all Committee Members
  • Make sure the minutes of the previous meeting are agreed and signed by the Chair
  • Inform any members who were absent of any actions they need to take
  • Maintain the Committee  list
  • Receive correspondence and report to the Committee
  • Ensure necessary documents are completed and submitted in accordance with statutory regulations and the organisation’s constitution
  • Keep the constitution, copies of minutes and other records in a safe place in accordance with Data Protection principles
  • Correspond with OFSTED, ensuring that all EY2 and/or EY3 forms are current
  • To respond appropriately and punctually to all correspondence; keeping proper records.
  • To support all trustees and staff members by ensuring the administrative function is accurate and efficient.

Fundraising Officer

The role of the Fundraising Officer is to lead the Fundraising Sub- Committee, carrying out duties as described below.

The duties of the Fundraising Officer

  • To be the focal point for all fundraising queries on behalf of the Pre-school;
  • To co-ordinate and organise sub-committees for all fundraising activities;
  • To co-ordinate and organise individual fundraising events;
  • To acquire in good time, from the Treasurer, any monetary floats required for fundraising events; and
  • To ensure the timely transfer of any monies received from fundraising events to the Treasurer.

Our additional committee roles & responsibilities include:

  • Funding
  • Community Liaison